BEBE is the revolution of how we use toilets as “Relaxing Space”

With experience and network gathering from different business of the Asahi Alex Group, we will resolve the problem by launching the warm-washing toilet seats, creating the new image of toilet like nobody did before, and building a new toilet culture. BEBE guarantees product and usage safety. The warm-washing toilet seat was invented in the United States of America. We added values to this product such as comfort, cleanness,good for health, and environmental friendly. Later, we have continued to develop in Japan. Nowadays, the developing warm-washing toilet in Japan has changed the toilet culture worldwide. The time has come for Thailand to step into the world’s standard.

Reliable design for relaxation in the toilet.

BEBE has developed a better toilet by bringing the full function from Japan and adjust to Thai lifestyle

Point 1

BEBE prevents electric leakage and electric shock around the water.

  • BEBE is a highly waterproof design to prevent electric leakage and electric shock.
  • The outlet section is waterproof as per standard. (Extra fees for installation are applied)
  • The earth leakage breaker is installed as a standard to prevent electric shock.

Point 2

BEBE cares for “health” “comfort” “cleanness” “environment”

  • The toilet seat has cleaning system that will keep your body clean and protect your health. You can prevent infectious diseases by keeping intimate parts clean. Furthermore, a gentle washing will not harm your body that may cause diseases like hemorrhoids.
  • The seat temperature is properly adjusted to suit our body temperature which is comfortable for users.
  • You can set the intensity level and water temperature freely.You can either choose intense or gentle wash as you wish which will make you clean and feel good.
  • It has the warm air to dry out after wash, this will reduce the level of toilet paper usage.
  • The seat is made of antimicrobial material and it always keeps it clean.

Ponit 3

BEBE will take you to the “New toilet culture”

  • We propose a method of cleaning the toilet.
  • We propose to advise toilet design.

The Japanese toilet that developed a warm-washing seat has been accepted worldwide in terms of its cleanness and hygiene.
BEBE is a valued toilet brand in terms of quality and high efficiency developed by Japan. We aim at presenting the new Japanese toilet culture to the world.

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