Asahi alex asia Co.,Ltd. is a company of the Asahi Alex group in Japan. Asahi Alex Group is a company engaged in real estate business, nursing care business, solar business, mainly in housing construction business in the Japanese market.

Thinking since the establishment of the company

1. Improving the technology of the house renovation from the toilet.

As a housing company for 42 years, it has been highly appreciated for "technical strength" and "customer satisfaction", and has built 3,500 houses. Our corporate philosophy is "to create a rich and happy life through the creation of a home and good environment." Today, we also do solar power generation and nursing care business.

Thailand is the next challenge point. While I went to the attractions for several times, I felt really like it. The weather is nice, the living cost is not expensive, people are friendly and the city is also attractive. I felt the same as Japan was doing economic growth 30 to 40 years ago. For Thailand that I felt impressed, I want to make a toilet revolution by beginning with a electronic bidet. It is "to make the toilet be relaxing space for everyone". I would like people in Thailand to know more about bidet.

2. Improving the technology of the house renovation.

Next to the toilet revolution is the reform of housing renovation. Knowledge of technology and quality control is important for housing construction.

In the past, the construction site in Japan was entrusted to the workers, and all quality control was under workers The biased quality comes out. There is a full-time person in charge of quality control, and quality is managed.

We also create an environment for raising people by manualizing work procedures. In that way, I am planning to set up a association to maintain high quality. If the technology and knowledge of Japan are needed by Thai people, we will provide generously. If you feel "Thai life has become better", it is the highest pleasure for us. I dream about such a day and I plan to carry out it. Please look forward to.

Chairman Chairman

Buy-sell condo real estate in Sukhumvit zone
Buy-sell condo real estate in Sukhumvit zone