Renovation to protect from Covid-19 !

Renovate house and office with saftey, sanitary, comfortablity ?

Screen door

Ventilation is to protect from covid and it helps to decrease electlicy.

Ventilation fan

Protet from Not only for Covid but for moisuture and smell.

Door with ventilation

Possible to ventilate without opening door


Without coming out, you will know who is coming. No direct contact. Intercom has also recording function.

Wash basin entrance

Before entering room, wash hand! No bacteria and virus coming inside

Automatic faucet

Sensor will work and no need to touch faucet.

Anti bacteria・virus coating

Anti bacteria・virus coating prevent bacteria and virus increasing.

Japanese room/ TATAMI

Japanese TATAMI with smooth surface is good for streching exercise


Plants looks nice and have us relax. They help to clean air and maintain humidity in room. We can make make to order furniture with some cabinet or shelf.

Work from home

We design small office at your home.

If not enough space, working desk also help you to work home.

Desk Screen

Desk screen protect you from virus droplets from staffs around you. In addition, you can put memo or something on screen

Anti-bacteria・virus film

It prevent from virus increasing

Anti-bacteria・virus paint

It prevent from virus increasing and deodorize. Anti-bacteria・virus paint is widely used for hospitals, nursing home and food factories.

Not only counter measure for Covid-19, we do renovation for house and condominium, shop and office interior, and small fixing work.

Buy-sell condo real estate in Sukhumvit zone
Buy-sell condo real estate in Sukhumvit zone